Blog reading is fun.


Things happened so fast - that its almost a year. Even though gadgets practically control your life nowadays, there are still thing (or things) that you cant control - i.e people, emotions. Affected, yes. Vastly.

Lets forget about that bad things, and focus on the happy ones. I have turned 24 (not sure whether its happy news), met great people (and jerks too), travelled further and Im about to tick off the first item in my bucket list.

No, its not pregnancy or what-so-ever you think it is.

My working holiday visa has been granted, to Australia. Its getting more and more real by day (almost 3 months since the approval now). The process was extremely surreal - one day I was wandering aimlessly reading travel articles, the next Im filling up application forms already. It still feels a little too-good-to-be-true, but hell yeah! Be joyous! 

I mean... its something to be happy of, but at times - I just wished things were easier. Mom and Dad are totally okay with it, but when I think it further, I'm leaving everything behind. You know.. They are getting older by day - I love them very, and frankly - I could have been a better daughter. And, I sometimes feel that I couldn't count on my sister to be there for them, when they need a fix on their computer, or some software gone wrong. I like it when people rely on me.. LOVE it actually. And, I love them so much - that I worry about them every single day.

What if mom catch a cold? What if dad was having a bad stomach? What if mom needed to print a paper and nobody knows how to feed the printer? What if dad needed someone to talk to? What if mom went all sentimental during March? What if they argued over a stupid thing?

I have never ever being reckless in my life, and I wonder what would I be.

Time will tell.