De Chiang Mai @ Sungai Buloh

its Friday lunch
we have planned to go look for this famous Thai restaurant for quite a long time
then...was thinking to have it on thursday
but we were not free...went to the book fair

Mom started to complain
'everyday also go out...big business how? no need come home d lor?' parents...

Anyway...I asked mom where is the restaurant before...
but didnt tell her that we r going to eat.. LOL
or else...she would have chop me into pieces

the restaurant is somewhere nearby the leprosy centre@ Sungai Buloh so...i refuel my car and began the searching journey along with huiying alice and fishball

let the pics talk then...

The entrance gate
Why umbrella???

Thai Palace like building
They even have their own TNB substation

The Restaurant's name - De Chiang Mai

2 weirdos at the reception...LOL
I wanted Thai feel..They give me chicken style pulak... =.=

From the courtyard looking to the main entrance
like fantasy land...really really really nice ambience...
and fresh air...
they plant all the veggies and spices that they cook~!

Entrance to the Reataurant's Hall
They are able to handle wedding dinners or functions for >50 tables ^^

The Interiors is full of Thai Style Wood Carvings
Extensively elaborated ones.. ^^

Makan time ^^
it was already 2pm...hungry like hell~!

Thai Rojak rm10 (S)
A delightful appetizer...
Slightly spiced and sprinkled with barbequed sotong chunks & peanuts

Mixed Thai Tom Yum rm30 (M)
available in chicken/prawn...heavily spiced
and very very very exotic

Squid w/ Ginger & Chilli rm10 (S)
From the description... it sounded scary
but its scrambled into the perfection of the onion's sweetness
Added with few dried chillies chunks and very aromatic
surprisingly...its not as spicy as what we thought I would be

Chicken in Fragrant Leaves rm2.50 per piece
Their homemade specialties
not spicy at all...tasted a bit like satay with fragrant leaves
was expecting whole piece of chicken
they use minced chicken...not bad though

Thai Style Mango Salad rm10 (S)
Thought it will be refreshing...
ended up one of the hot dish...almost as spicy as the Tom Yum
personally...I dont like it

balik time...so romantic~!
Though it was raining...we can still feel the spicyness of the Tom Yum
through our swollen lips

The bill checked rm110+
along with 2 coconuts and rice x 6
they steam the rice in their mini steel bowls..
Instead of cooking them in the rice cooker
I think they can improve it by adding in a small piece of fragrant leaf
to improve the aroma..b'coz it has nothing different if u just have a look at it

We headed the Curve after that
do some light shopping...ended up..
I spent almost rm100

and I find this cool...

Have a nice day~!

p.s. : i have noticed that there has been post reads in this blog entry. I blogged this in 2008, and I have been getting not-so-positive remarks from my friends who visited the restaurant recent years. Friendly reminder :)

Happy food-hunting :)